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Tattoo Artist Proposal

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Please Contact Kat personally for inquiries through DM on Instagram. All inquiries will be confidential and we will not contact anyone without your consent. IG account @katclelandart or email ihearttattoos.office@gmail.com


 Tattoo Artist, 2 years+ experience. No apprenticeships.

Commission includes:   


  • Chair fee

  • GroupHealth Benefits. Tattoo Artist commissions covers the following:

  • Cartridge needles (we currently do not supply bar needle set up)

  • Use of a full Solid Ink ink set (one set per artist, no sharing)

  • All disposable barriers (paper towel, drape sheets, machine bags, wash bottle bags, dental bibs, clip cord sleeves, barrier film)

  • Access to receptionist to handle client bookings

  • Client waiver forms 

  • Disposable face masks for clients

  • Brand new reusable face masks for artist

  • Occasional billboard and bus shelter advertisements

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Course

  • First Aid Course

Job Description: 

  • Drawing. Tattooing. We will handle the rest.


Why we are hiring:

I Heart Tattoos is growing as a local business. Our current receptionist will be gradually moving into an apprenticeship role and it is our hope to have her fully into her apprenticeship by the fall, thus leaving us with the need for a full-time employee by then. We are also looking to hire one more fully trained artist onto our crew right away and hire at least one to two more artists next year as we will be moving to a new larger location.


What we have to offer:

I Heart Tattoos is a locally artist owned studio. We believe in camaraderieship and having fun at work, but we also believe in structure. At I Heart Tattoos, we focus on the logistics of the business so that our artists and employees can come to work and know they are being taken care of. We employ all of our artists instead of contracting them. This gives them access to the benefits of WCB, an hourly wage if commissions aren’t met, vacation pay, access to a GroupHealth Benefits Plan for 20 hours+ workers and a regular paycheque every two weeks. Income taxes and GST are paid on your behalf through the company, which means no big bill at the end of the year. When available we also hire a yoga instructor to come to the studio.


At I Heart Tattoos we enjoy developing ideas together with our crew and often have staff meetings. We also have quarterly one on one meetings to check in with our crew members. No voice should go unheard in our studio and we don’t tolerate bad apples, so you can come to work in a positive environment.