COVID-19 - Let's think about Reopening 

Yes! We are all smiles about being able to go back to work soon and looking forward to seeing our staff and clients again! We were given notice the evening of May 15, 2020 that we are able to return to work May 19, 2020. We are going to take careful time to make sure we have proper protocols in place to keep staff and clients safe. At I Heart Tattoos, we will not be rushing this process and will only reopen when we are comfortable with our plan. This may be days or weeks after the allowed date to reopen. After coming up with a reopening plan, we are going to do trial periods before reopening to the public. Our trial periods will consist of our staff simulating client arrivals to the studio, tattoo sessions and keeping the studio properly disinfected. Once we have finished training in these scenarios, we will do a second trial period with a small handful of clients. The second trial period will not be open to the public, but done with close clients or friends who we already have a relationship with.

Upon reopening, first thing we intend to do is get in contact with previously scheduled clients. Once we are certain they are taken care of we will move forward with new appointments. If you are a previously scheduled client and you fear we have forgotten about you, please feel free to reach out to us. It is not our intent to leave anyone behind, but due to the high volume of our rescheduling, it is inevitable that someone may get left out. We are only in the beginning stages of planning our return to work and there will be many new requirements ahead of us. Once we get an efficient plan in place we will begin to get everyone back into the schedule or on a wait list.

Our intent is to be reopen June 1, 2020.

Thanks so much, we hope to see you all soon.


Tattoo Artist/Co-Owner of I Heart Tattoos