This is the most important part of tattooing!!!

We always make sure to go above any beyond all industry health and safety practices.


At I Heart Tattoos we exclusively use disposable tattoo gear - this is by no means necessary, but further reduces any chance of cross contamination compared to other practices. 


All non-disposable items (the tattoo machine, the cord attached to the tattoo machine, the power source, and wash bottles) get covered with plastic barriers, and are wiped down with disinfectant after each tattoo. Any surface used during a tattoo (arm rest, bed, table, etc.) is also covered with a barrier and wiped down with disinfectant after each tattoo session.

Every needle, tube, grip, barrier, ink cap, glove, and any other item that may touch your skin, will only ever be used once before being disposed of immediately and safely.


If you ever have any question about the tattooing process just ask!  Any tattoo artist should be able to answer your questions with confidence, and if they can't RUN!!!