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Composing a ringtone is a highly specialized and technical process. Not a glamorous job, composing a ringtone is the modern equivalent of writing advertising music or jingles at The music composer needs to balance aesthetic interest with the technical limitations of the task. Unlike in other genres, ringtones for mobile phones are short - often just a few seconds long. Therefore, the composer needs to have a good knowledge of both music theory and ringtone composition.

While ringtones have become increasingly popular, their history is complicated. Many cell phones are pre-registered with a database of ringtones. This data allows for reprogramming, although some people retain their personal ringtones. As a result, the mobile telephony industry is becoming increasingly profitable, while policing is increasing. The intensification of the surveillance society engenders a sense of paranoia, so it's important to keep an eye on it.

Wolfgang Ernesta

Wolfgang Ernesta

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