Kids Story Corner

Here are some cute fun stories written and illustrated by kids! Send us your kids short story and/or drawing and we will feature it on our page! Do you have an older kid, with a darker sense of humor...? We can make an alternate page for those stories too! Not too too graphic please ;) Submissions are accepted via email to or click the "Submit" button at the top.

Please include Author/Artist's First and Last Name, Title of Story and/or Drawing and the age of the Author/Artist.

A Story by Hendrick C.

4 years old

Banana Splat

One day there was a little castle with a princess in it. And there was a big dinosaur who was going to stick his head in. And then there was a knight that sliced the dinosaur. And then the princess was saved, but the knight was going to kill the princess. The princess used her magic wand to turn the knight into a frog. 


The End.

A Story by  Roman C.

5 years old

The King of the Castle

Once upon a time there was a king that always stayed together with the queen. They would make everything turn into normal. But some things did not. Some things would get into the castle that were frogs. And then what happened, they made it disappear and what happened, everything was back to normal, but frogs kept getting in and they made everything disappear.


The End.

A Story by   Koraline D.

4 years old

Once about a time there was a little girl who wanted to be a princess. She went to her mommy one day and said mommy I am a beautiful princess and since I am a princess I need a pretty pink chair to sit in while I drink my tea at parties and do princess things. So her mommy asked her what kind of things do they do? And she looked at me and said mommy dont you know that princesses sit in their pink chairs and look beautiful and some times they pick their nose! 


The End.

Unicorns by Lily T.

7 years old

The Monster by Myles H.


The monster is going to eat the earth and so we have to save it.

The End.