Handprint Fundraiser

Each handprint will be $115. Donations going towards Find Our Lost Children and NWAC. We will be accepting donations on our website or in store for those who do not wish to receive a tattoo.

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July 1st, we will not be celebrating Canada Day as per usual, at I Heart Tattoos. As more unmarked graves of children at residential schools are being discovered we feel the need to step up and help out. The cost of investigating these sites has been estimated at $1 billion dollars. Our goal is to raise money and spread awareness of the horrible past that Canada has been hiding from for too many years. 

Reese and Kat Cleland, owners of I Heart Tattoos, will be doing a walk-in day for handprint and feather tattoos, about 1.5 - 2 inches (see bottom of the page for available designs). The cost of each handprint tattoo will be $115. One hundred dollars of the proceeds will be donated and $15 will help us cover the cost of supplies. We will be donating half of the funds to "Find Our Lost Children," a Go-Fund Me account started in Victoria by Steve Sxwithul’twx, a survivor of the Kuper Island Residential School. The other half will be donated to NWAC (Native Women's Association of Canada) in support of the Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women And Girls Movement.

This event will be organized similar to our "cyber walk-in's" where you can sign up online. Although you will be booking a time slot, please do not show up until you have been called by us, as the time slots are approximate. Thank you for the interest in our fund raiser. We are going to do our best to streamline these appointments, in the event that we fall behind some of the end of day appointments may be cancelled.