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Kat Cleland

Shop Owner

Kat started her tattoo career in 2009. She's spent time working with multiple different shops throughout B.C. before striking out on her own in 2011 opening I Heart Tattoos. She has a great passion for helping people enhance their self esteem through permanent body art. Finding large custom pieces and challenging coverups the most rewarding.

Reese Cleland


Reese officially started his tattoo apprenticeship in 2013 under our very own Kat Cleland but had spent numerous years in the tattoo industry before then helping Kat whenever he could. Today he is Co-owner of  I Heart Tattoos as they run the shop as a family business. He prides himself on his ability to produce sharp, consistent linework and high quality tattoos. Although he is proficient in multiple styles he would like to pursue large Japanese pieces in the future. His books are currently closed for new projects.


Jay Heitrich

Full Time Artist

Jay started his apprenticeship in July of 2019. Since then, he has poured himself into the industry - always focusing on furthering his understanding of the craft. Though he spends a lot of his time working on his American traditional style, he plans to master a variety of styles.

Amy Nics

Full Time Artist

Amy has been in and out of the tattoo scene since 2014 and started tattooing full time in March of 2018. She is super stoked to be apart of the I Heart family as of September 2020. She has a wide range of skills but is working towards specializing in neo-traditional. She has an increased interest in doing tattoos with animals as the subject matter, especially neo-trad animal portraits.

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Kayce Kenney

Full Time Artist

Kayce has been striving towards a career as a tattoo artists for years now. She has been working really hard making custom art for people and officially obtained her apprenticeship under Kat and Reese in 2020. She has an increased interest in black and grey but would love to expand her portfolio with colour as well.

Cam Deboer

Full Time Artist

Cam recently completed his two year apprenticeship before joining the I Heart Team in August 2021. He enjoys tattooing Comic Book, Video Game, Movie and TV Characters with mixed styles of linework, shading and color. He is eager to take your ideas and come up with an artistic neo traditional design in either color or black and grey. 

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Cassy Hayball

Shop Apprentice

Cassy started out as a receptionist at I Heart Tattoos at the beginning of 2021 and officially started her apprenticeship under Kat and Reese in August, 2021. She has worked very hard on developing her own personal neo traditional/traditional style but has in an interest in gaining experience in a variety of styles. She enjoys colour pieces as well as black and grey. Her goal is to one day include realism and Japanese tattoos into her portfolio and to continue develop her personal style.

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